Ministry Projects

The Water Project

We partner with other organizations and help dig wells to provide water to the villagers in as many villages as possible with your donations. This life saving water that most of us take for granted could be a reality with a $50.00 donation. Either a one time gift or a monthly gift of $20.00 can bring clean water to hundreds of people. Donate for this project right now:

Outreach in Romania

Sharing the Gospel to a nation that is seeking the true word of God, for some, it is the first time that the name of Jesus is spoken and heard with the truth and power of the Holy Spirit revealing who Jesus is to them individually. Join us and be part of the Gospel message. Donate for this project right now:

Encouraging churches or planting churches in Romania

Supporting in prayer and financially new churches who share the Gospel in all they do. partnering with the ministries to increase the Kingdom using the word of God from the Bible. Donate for this project right now:


Sharing the Gospel in the most needed places, supporting the forgotten children who were just thrown away and left for dead but recovered by the grace and mercy of Jesus who used the Bruce and Sandy Tanner back in 1991 to rescue the discarded and profoundly deformed children from the trash. We partner with this mission to help care for the children. Donate for this project right now:

Missions on the ground need your money

Support financially the Missionaries on the ground who are doing the day to day speaking and teaching full time for the spreading of the Gospel.
Join us in our next Evangelistic event în Suceava România. We will be speaking and singing along with a few musical groups and bands.
having study groups and answering questions about our walk with a living Jesus.
Donate for this project right now: